Le llaman el Banksy de Los Ángeles y hace ESTAS maravillas.


Le llaman el Banksy de Los Ángeles y le ha puesto un muro a la estrella de Trump. 

Máscara, capucha y spray, así actúa el que todos consideran el «Banksy de Los Ángeles» y que está causando auténtica sensación en las redes sociales con sus polémicas obras. Plastic Jesús, que así se llama hace llamar, te hace reflexionar con trabajos que se salen de lo convencional y buscan el lado menos amable de la realidad. Por ejemplo, lo que venden en las películas de Hollywood o en los anuncios de McDonald’s sería lo contrario a lo que te muestra este artista callejero. 

Desde hacer famoso a cualquiera con su lema «Stop Making Stupid People Famous» («Dejemos de hacer a la gente estúpida famosa»), hasta el lado más oculto de la gala de los Oscar con una performance de estatuillas -objeto casi religioso en Estados Unidos-consumiendo cocaína o bailando en una barra de pool dance repleta de billetes, este artista no se casa con nadie. 

Y Plastic Jesús hace cosas tan increíbles como estas: 

If LA parking signs weren’t confusing enough some residents now have an additional sign to deal with - LA Street artist installs “ No Kardashian Parking signs” The artist - Plastic Jesus - said the the signs are intended as a comment on the media’s attention on a family going about their every day business, shopping, going to lunch, pumping gas… How have this become a news event - the signs have been installed at 7 locations around LA, including Melrose Avenue, Robertson Ave  near The Ivy and La Brea.

Street artist causes Oscar controversy  Days before the glittering Oscars ceremony in Hollywood an LA street-artist has caused controversy by placing a life sized gold oscars statue snorting cocaine just yards from the red carpet that will play host of A list celebrities on Sunday for the lavish show. The life size cocaine snorting figure appeared early Thursday morning and was watched over by 2  security guards.  The work is believed to be the work of British born Street artist Plastic Jesus.  On his website he states “  the piece is intended  to draw attention to Hollywood’s hidden problem of drug addiction that effects hundreds of people in the showbiz industry and is largely ignored until the death of a high profile - A list celebrity. Many others in Hollywood have addiction but i does not received the support because it goes unnoticed” Hollywood drug addiction specialist John Kim said "Plastic Jesus is highlighting a dark vein that's always covered with designer clothes in Tinseltown.  Drug use, prescription pills, and addiction continues to run rampant and take talented lives.  It is swept under the red carpet because we have a need to see celebrities as  being "perfect".  I wonder if we started to see them as real people, would actually roll up their sleeves and show us their scars?  Maybe the way in is street art?  I don’t know, but that door needs to be kicked open" Last year the artist created a life size oscars statue, injecting with Heroin following the high profile death of Philip Seymour Hoffman from a suspected  heroin overdose. Plastic Jesus is also know for his “ Useless Plastic Box “ which was simply a empty plastic box placed in Best Buy stores around LA, and his stencil of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong on his bike connected to an IV drip.


One of LA's most fashionable shopping districts was hit over night by a giant cocaine themed art installation.. The 12 foot long lines of cocaine and 7 foot high $100 bill, along with a platinum American Express card - renamed 'American Excess' jas proved quite a tourist attraction. With passers by stopping their cars to pose for photos. Even two passing cops had to double- take after crusing past the mamoth streetart installation. The nacortic themed piece is beleived to the work of controversial street artist 'Plastic Jesus' who earlier in 2013 painted a piece moking discgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong. The 3 foot wide stencil painted work showed armstring connected to and IV drip.

Graffiti is a crime. Street art in Los Angeles, by Plastic Jesus

“ No Trump” signs appear in cities across the USA. HOLLYWOOD LOS ANGELES. - Signs spotted in New York, LA, Chicago, DC and Miami. - Outside Trump Building in New York - One sign is a stones throw from The Congress building. - A sign is outside Trump Tower in Chicago There has been a lot of protests about presidential favorite Donald Trump’s campaign but none as official looking as this. Days after the controversial GOP candidate cruised to victory in the New York primaries official looking “No Trump Anytime” signs have appeared in cities across the USA. The metal signs  have be spotted in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Miami. It’s believed that the signs are not official sanctioned parking restrictions but instead are the work of controversial Los Angeles based street artist PLASTIC JESUS. In April 2015  the artist installed “No Kardashian Parking” signs around Hollywood a move that was widely commended by the general public. He also gained notoriety for his cocaine snorting oscars statue placed on Hollywood Blvd a few days before the 2015 Oscar ceremony.  The former photo-journalist has become known for his guerrilla style street art. The signs first appeared over the weekend are located on some of the most famous location and busiest streets including Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, under the shadow of the congress building in Washington DC,  and Union Station . There is even a sign outside Trump Tower in Chicago and a number of other Trump properties.

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