Nunca se había hecho una foto con bikini porque le daba vergüenza. Ahora está dando la vuelta al mundo

El verano y las buenas temperaturas traen muchas cosas positivas de vuelta a nuestras vidas: las vacaciones con los amigos, las tardes de cervezas en las terrazas, días de playa y chiringuito o las noches de copas hasta el amanecer. Pero para muchas personas también regresan uno de sus peores miedos: volver a ponerse en bikini o bañador en una playa o piscina repleta de gente.

Los temidos complejos que todos tenemos, pero que en algunos casos hasta impiden a quien los sufre disfrutar con normalidad de dejarse ver con menos ropa por pura vergüenza. Hay personas que llevan años –y no es una exageración– sin pisar una playa por estos miedos.

Pero hay veces que hay que coger el toro por los cuernos, y darse cuenta de que el único que sale perjudicado en esta situación es la persona que evita ir por el qué dirán o por si lo mirarán. Un ejemplo de ellos es la sudafricana Mira Hirsch, que hasta hace muy poco se avergonzaba hasta tal punto de sus curvas que jamás consintió que le tomasen una fotografía.

La joven tenía un tremendo complejo con los “huecos de su cadera”, esa curva con forma de violín que aparece donde se une la cadera con el muslo. Hasta que un día decidió dejar atrás los complejos que la tenían atada de pies y manos y publicar fotografías de su bonito cuerpo en su perfil de Instagram. ¿Y qué pasó después? Pues que miles de personas le dijeron lo bella que era. Y es que, la mayoría de las veces, los complejos por los que nos avergonzamos, y que nos limitan en nuestra vida, sólo están en nuestra cabeza.

“La primera vez que me puse un bikini para ir a la playa fue en diciembre del año pasado. Odiaba mi cuerpo. No aceptaba nada de mí misma. Jamás enseñaba mis muslos, estómago o brazos cuando salía. Y aprendí que ponerme toda esa negatividad y toxicidad sobre mi misma era terriblemente auto destructivo. Necesitaba cambiar mi mentalidad.

Salí fuera de mi zona de confort y pensé “que le den”. Soy bella. Voy a enseñar mis estrías, mi celulitis y mi tripa. Y jamás me he querido y aceptado tanto como lo hago ahora. Y todo porque me dije a mi misma que soy suficiente y bonita. No es fácil. Es un proceso largo y emocional. Pero aquí estoy, subiendo una foto mía en bikini. Algo que hace un año no habría hecho en un millón de años.”




my prominent hip dips have been a massively hard insecurity to overcome. . . ive had wide hips since before puberty and i hated them so much! . . i would wear spandex and tights under my clothes everyday, i would keep my hands on my hips to try and divert attention away from them. i would unconsciously hit them in the hopes that they would miraculously disappear . . wearing a bikini was something i never in a million years would’ve worn, if you asked me a year ago 🚫👙 . . my insecurities stopped me from doing social activities and living out my best teenage years feeling good about myself. instead i reinforced negative thoughts and energies making me feel toxic constantly. . . im so sad i felt the way i did. i wish i had the opportunity to go back in time to 12 year old Mira and tell her not to care about these crazy societal expectations and to just focus on bettering her soul as well as having unconditional love for herself 🌹 . . enjoy your body and work hard to fight your pain and insecurities, don’t let them determine your well- being and happiness because you are worthy of self love and respect . YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE ENOUGH. 🌻 . . . . . 📷 – @gabi_hirsch 🌷 . . . . . #dimples#thunderthighs#thick#thighbrows#curvyfashion#curves#confident#cellulite#curvygirl#bopo#bodyposi#bodypositive#plussize#plussizemodel#positivity#pyjamaday#hipdips#everybodyisbeautiful#johannesburg#loveyourself#loveyourbody#acceptyourself#sablogger#selflove#southafrica#stretchmarks#fashion#nowrongwaytobeawoman#hipdips

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how cute is my suit from @sh.swimwear?💘 check out their page for gorgeous bathing suits🍑 . . . in the past few weeks i have felt myself put on a bit of weight. . the old mira would start hating herself even more than she already did and go to intense measures to shed the weight. . the new me is no longer stressed about losing it with such hysteria, obviously i want to lose the weight because of health reasons rather than because i don’t like the way my body looks. . this has been a huge hurdle i have finally overcome. weight was always a taboo subject for me. i would either skip meals or go crazy and binge eat because i could never find the middle ground of eating intuitively. . thankfully i have started that and will continue to do so in order to keep healthy and shed my lil bit of extra chub. . but it’s 100% okay to have that chub! it’s beautiful! i am just as beautiful with a little extra weight as i am being a little lighter and so are you 🌹 . . 📷- @gabi_hirsch 💘 . . . . #bodypositive#bodyposi#bikini#hipdips#johannesburg#loveyourself#loveyourbody#plussize#positivity#plussizemodel#unedited#bopo#curves#costume#curvygirl#confident#cellulite#curvywomen#curvyfashion#nowrongwaytobeawoman#selflove#sablogger#southafrica#southafrica#bloggersa#dimples#acceptyourself

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i have still yet to reach my goal of total acceptance and self love . but im trying, i really am. . it’s not easy in the slightest . i have doubts about the way i look, come across and how the way others perceive me. . it’s hard to get to that point of feeling 100% in your skin both physically and mentally. i set goals for myself, i try and remain as positive as i possibly can but sometimes life just gets to you and you lose yourself in drama, stress and doubt. . it’s OKAY if you don’t feel great or positive or happy all the time. you’re human! people have different emotions and just being content and happy all the time makes you robotic, it’s not normal. . bad days are there to make you feel human again. ive been pretty ill these past few weeks and really haven’t been feeling myself. ive been feeling low energy, down and just plain flat! . but it’s given me time to really think deeply about things, about my life. . it gives you clarity unlike when you’re on a happiness high and your mind fogs up. well – at least that’s what happens to me lol. . when things are going well you don’t want to question it in case you jinx it or something. but questioning things helps you understand, so question everything! . the answers will become so clear and you’ll feel lighter energetically. . ive been questioning things about myself whilst feeling down and it’s helped me gain more strength to continue helping others and sending out positive vibes to those in need. ✨✨ . 📷 – @gabi_hirsch 💜 • • • • #bloggersa#stretchmarks#southafrica#selflove#sablogger#dimples#unedited#plussize#plussizemodel#curves#costume#curvygirl#confident#cellulite#curvywomen#curvesaresexy#nowrongwaytobeawoman#everybodyisbeautiful#selfacceptance#acceptyourself#loveyourbody#loveyourself#bopo#bodyposi#bodypositive#bikini##hipdips#thighbrows

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in defiance of society’s harsh and restrictive standards of female (and male) beauty, i’d like the quote the words of one of my favourite poets Gerard Manley Hopkins. ✨ his poem “Pied Beauty” encapsulates deep ideas of what constitutes beauty. ✨ “glory be to G-d for dappled things” ✨ “all things counter, original, spare, strange” ✨ “whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)” ✨ this tribute is to all things different and original and Hopkins sends a clear message that the Creator of the world Himself created and loves all things unconventional, odd and original. ✨ so why, i ask can WE also not embrace differences in ourselves and others? • • • • • #unedited#dimples#nowrongwaytobeawoman#curvywomen#curvesaresexy#curves#costume#confident#cellulite#plussize#popculture#loveyourbody#loveyourself#thighbrows#everybodyisbeautiful#selflove#sablogger#southafrica#stretchmarks#acceptyourself#bopo#beach#bikini#bodyposi#bodypositive#johannesburg#bloggersa

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reposting the first ever body positive picture i had taken. without the intense support of my incredible friends @roblinevans and @micalycar i never would’ve been able to take a huge step like going to the beach in a bikini where the world could see me. having support throughout your body positive journey is vital. having a good, solid support system is vital when you’re feeling vulnerable and full of self doubt. i was extremely anxious when looking at this picture for the first time before posting it. i was so afraid of being judged, insulted and ridiculed because i didn’t “fit” into the “so-called” “normal” standards of how girls should look when wearing a bikini. but now, a few months down line, i no longer give a damn about fitting in to a category. i made my own❤️ it’s called “STOP CARING WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT YOU AND OUT YOURSELF FIRST” 🙏🏼 you are beautiful and you need to embrace what G-d gave you because there is NO ONE out there like you. • • • • • #curves#curvygirl#selfacceptance#selflove#loveyourself#beautiful#bopo#beach#bodyposi#bodypositive#curvyfashion#curvesaresexy#plussizefashion#plussize#positivity#loveyourbody#everybodyisbeautiful#ao##sablogger#bloggersa#southafrica#confident#cellulite

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the first time i ever wore a bikini to the beach was December last year. i hated my body. i didn’t accept anything about myself. i never showed my thighs, stomach or arms when i went out. i learned that me putting forward all of this negativity and toxicity through me was extremely self destructive. i needed to change my mindset. i went out of my comfort zone and and thought “SCREW IT” im beautiful. im going to show off my stretch marks, my cellulite and my stomach. i have never loved myself and accepted myself as much as i do now. and it’s all because i told myself i was enough and that i was beautiful. it’s not easy, it’s a long, emotional process but here i am – posting a picture of myself in a bikini – something i wouldn’t have done in a million years a year ago • • • • • #everybodyisbeatiful#cellulite#johannesburg#southafricanstyle#plussize#curvygirl#curves#durban#beach#ocean#confident#stretchmarks#thighbrows#selflove#selfacceptance

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